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Sturnis 365 Collaborative Data Intelligence


Full end-user driven collaborative creation, publication & disclosure of Corporate Information


Efficient collaboration when producing and disclosing business content

Comparing STURNIS 365
to alternative Corporate Disclosure Management
solutions, companies can
save up to 90%
on document setup time
and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.
STURNIS 365 is now a Techedge Group company

When producing Annual or periodical Reports, regulatory reports, risk and compliancy reports, sustainability reports and other collaborative reporting, Sturnis365 puts the classical application setup upside down thanks to

Inversed Design

Building on knowledge you have (MSOffice 365)
Allowing for continuous change & flexible structures
Architectured for automatic data and meta-data synchronization

Sturnis 365 Collaborative Data Intelligence

A coherent unity in an ever changing world

Human intensive information processes made easier where change is omnipresent, allowing flexibility and efficiency working together.

Each person keeps track of the status of own work and that of involved peers. When change occurs, the community reacts quickly, ensuring a coherent unity. Fully auditable.

The efficient Collaborative Disclosure process

Sturnis 365 Collaborative Data Intelligence

Ease of use, flexibility, integration & speed of deployment

Create the skeleton of the document requiring input or publishing as you would create a TOC in Word

Standard functions distribute work to the stakeholders and re-collect it with workflow status. Review, adjust, refresh with live data from external sources. Collect, consolidate and re-distribute as many times as you want. Be more efficient together compared to any other tool in areas such as Corporate Disclosure Management and Collaborative Data Collection. You have a solution already? Use one of our automatic migration tools that will convert your current settings in minutes.

Check out our Solution

ARCADIS, a global design, engineering and management consulting company (ARCAD) and winner of the Sijthoff price, awarding the best 2018 annual report in the Netherlands, has very recently implemented Sturnis365 to further enhance its 2019 disclosure and iXBRL filing process. Laura Van Oorschot, Director Group Reporting & Accounting, says: “we have publishied today, and I am happy to say it has been the most relaxed closing in years. Sturnis365 was a significant help”. Dowload the report:



ENEL is expanding the use of Sturnis365 as its Corporate Disclosure platform. Next to the annual report process, the application complies with the ixbrl ESEF/ESMA mandate and is now deployed towards >500 users covering other corporate reporting areas in different countries

ixbrl esma esef disclosure

Areas of Collaborative Data Intelligence

Sturnis 365 Collaborative Data Intelligence excels thanks to Inversed Design, user driven document creation, speed of deployment and total end-user control