Collaborative Intelligence

Collaborative Intelligence

Corporate Information Management

Collaborative Intelligence built on Microsoft Azure

Integrating Collaborative Document Disclosure and Collaborative Data Collection with data and master data from Financial Close and Financial Planning & Analysis tools

Collaborative Intelligence applications set-up by the users

Challenging the classic reporting process

Start with the end product, the published document or the consolidated report. The solution generates the required setup

Automatic distribution and recollection of the sub-segments

The efficient Collaborative Disclosure process

Sturnis 365 differentiation

Product differentiation

No inflexible hierarchical structures anymore.

Document distribution, collection and consolidation are automated. The document structure or COA can evolve each time it needs to go through the organization.

The input documents are linked in real-time with their respective data sources (ERP, Data warehouses) ensuring data consistency and full audit trail by design.

Sturnis 365 Collaborative Data Intelligence

Collaborative Disclosure Management

Reduce time, risk and cost of (regulatory) filing and disclosure
Flexible, fully auditable & compliant
Across teams, geographies, systems and data sources

Higher reporting frequencies and shorter time windows. Therefore you need:

Unlimited structured and unstructured data
Data reconciliation & artificial Intelligence
Disclosure & Business comments by type of stakeholder
Automatic migration from your current CDM solution

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Sturnis 365 Collaborative Data Intelligence

Collaborative Data Collection

Revolutionise unstructured data collection:

No expensive html-based input sheets
No bespoke input documents, or mail exchanges
A Word document, directly linked to the underlying data sources
No setup tasks
Designed for hundreds of users collecting numbers & narratives

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Datasource Dashboard

Manage the activities with a single dashboard ensuring consistency of information.

Increase the efficiency by integrating information from any source
Unify all reporting in a single system, no data duplication
Define ad-hoc workflows within a single controlled dashboard

Warnings, alerts, etc. along with a powerful Audit function and capabilities such as:

Workflow Tasks: Assign tasks to users, typically including the contribution and/or approval. Prioritized and assigned to a single user or a group of users. Notify via email when a task requires completion.

Dasboard Administration: Configure integration tasks, assignments, priority and duration.
Full visibility into the current state of every linked datasource.

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