Non-financial performances are increasingly placed under the spotlight by investors, rating agencies, financial institutions: make them shine by providing impactful environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosures to your stakeholders.

ESG reporting made easy

Profit and purpose are today inextricably linked: the attention to sustainability has a concrete impact on how your organization is perceived on the market, with direct consequences on your financial performance and management reputation.

ESGeo is an innovative tool specifically designed to manage the entire value chain of the Environmental, Social and Governance factors, capable of transforming ESG-related risks into value and opportunities.

ESGeo allows your company to:

Define, budget and monitor ESG KPIs, increasing engagement from middle management
Reduce risk of controversies by outlining the organizational chain of responsibilities over ESG factors
Strengthen the sustainability reporting process, including the final annual statement
Remain up to date and compliant with changing regulatory requirements

Meet ESGeo

ESGeo collects real-time sustainable data from the right stakeholders into a single place, turning them into insightful dashboards, alerts and reports to help you control open risks and opportunities and facilitate a transparent disclosure process.

Integrated engagement and governance

  • Cover the end-to-end process, from data collection to report production, with one platform
  • Easily engage your stakeholders with a familiar interface, thanks to the integration with Microsoft Office
  • Overcome data fragmentation and incomplete information, having all ESG-related data in a single place
  • Obtain full control on the reporting process: responsibilities are always clear, data are always traced
  • Collaborative ESG reporting process, through approval workflows and easy task assignment

Streamlined disclosure management

  • Create annual reports in a few clicks, ensuring data consistency thanks to the real-time update of information
  • Improve data disclosure and transparency on corporate sustainability issues, in compliance with the most recent ESG regulations
  • Easily generate ppt and word documents directly from the platform
  • Present information to external stakeholders in the most accurate and clear manner

Build your data-driven strategy on sustainability

Collecting data from multiple sources (including corporate documents and reports, authorities data, online databases, industry-specific information related to ESG risk and exposures), ESGeo can help you identify ESG risk and opportunities and measure the business impact of your initiatives.

  • Identify ESG key factors for your industry and sector
  • Define and measure meaningful KPIs, monitoring them against targets
  • Leverage reports, statics and improvements to track your ESG performances compared to industry/sector benchmarks
  • Produce more value for shareholders and reinforce management top positions with a strong ESG process integrated into your value chain

simple, flexible, effective.

Keep using your Microsoft Excel

ESGeo is fully compatible with Microsoft Office: users will keep working using a familiar interface (Excel, PowerPoint and Word) – meaning a fast adoption with a zero learning curve

Easy Deployment

ESGeo’s features are available on a simple web portal, with no installationrequired. A simple web add-in will then transform your Excel into the engine to manage data entry, reporting and data manipulation. ESGeo is available both in cloud or on-premise.

Flexible Licensing model

ESGeo comes with two modules: Data Collection & Reporting and Disclosure. Depending on your needs, you can decide to activate just one of them, or both. The yearly fee depends on the activated module(s) and on the number of users – as simple as that.

Multiple Data Sources

ESGeo is integrated by nature with several data sources, internal and external, such as corporate documents and reports, authorities data, online databases, industry-specific information related to ESG risk and exposures