Collaborative Disclosure Management

Collaborative Disclosure Management helps you:

• Create financial and other business documents that need to meet internal as well as external disclosure requirements such as Board Books, 10K, 10Q, Annual reports, Sustainability reports, etc.

• Combine within the same document data coming from different sources

• Work concurrently on different parts of a single document

• Assign to each section of a document an ad-hoc workflow monitoring its progress of completion

• Manage and compare multiple versions of the same document

• Apply financial intelligence to the collected data, like scaling, rounding, currency, etc.

• Check the consistency of data across different documents and/or different paragraphs, sections, etc. within the same document

• Release the final documents in different formats (e.g. HTML, iXBRL, …)

• Migrate your entire CDM setup from your existing solution to Sturnis 365 in minutes (check with us for supported migrations)

Collaborative Disclosure Management

Collaborative Disclosure Management

The document can contain grids and cells, intelligent formatting, reconciliation rules and financial logic. End users can add live objects themselves.

The user interface is intuitive and part of your daily Office environment. No need for training.

Collaborative Disclosure Management

Secure Collaborative Disclosure – Responsive and Cloud

Documents you have access to are available from a single secured source on any device
(PC, Tablet, Smartphone). No complex Admin User Interface requiring training and attention every time something changes.

The status of the datalinks with the underlying data sources is monitored with a Datasource Dashboard. This ensures that the data refresh status is continuously visible. No more guessing or endless data refreshing are needed. If the underlying data changes, the dashboard shows the broken link.

Sturnis 365 leverages the Microsoft’s Office 365 user interface providing you with the power of Word, Excel and PowerPoint without their pitfalls.

Any content, format or linked object change is logged. Sturnis 365 Collaborative Disclosure is therefore a fully auditable environment, explaining change and revisions. Link disclosed numbers back to their non-rounded, non-formatted or non-scaled origins. Compare adjusted disclosed numbers with the raw data sources. All in one click.


Sturnis 365 has released the full iXBRL functionality to support the production of corporate information output in compliance with the current legislation.
Selected and promoted by the XBRL Italia association, Sturnis 365 now provides its customers with the iXBRL management module that supports the various national taxonomies. Fully integrated with the Disclosure Management functions of Sturnis 365, managed by the user with simple parameters, companies can now automate the process of preparing and publishing business information in the required iXBRL formats.

Sturnis project scope

Contact us to walk you through the below Collaborative Disclosure Management process. Feed a document and the application takes care of distribution, allowing data input, data links, review, collection and approval. At any time the document can be refreshed with the live data sources.