Sturnis 365 Collaborative Data Intelligence

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You want to distribute our solutions in a specific Territory? Or make our solutions part of your own solutions?
Call us and let’s discuss how we move this forward.

Or help us further improve our solution. Join our development team based in Milano and create real innovation. Contact us if you have an in-depth knowledge of:

*   Office 365 (Excel, Word, Powerpoint) as this our our main UI
*   C#
*   .NET Framework 3.5 and later
*   ASP.NET – MVC 4/5/Core
*   WCF/Web API
*   HTML 5, CSS, Less, Boostrap, XML, LinQ
*   JQuery
*   Sql Server 2008 and later

Other value adding skills:

*   API/OpenXML/Aspose for interfacing with Word/Excel/Powerpoint
*   DB NoSql (MongoDB)
*   Ninject
*   Azure