Sturnis 365 Collaborative Data Intelligence


Why did we create Sturnis 365 ?

Innovation in IT applications mostly come from small teams who have total freedom to address problems they have picked up in their professional life.

The founders were continually part of innovation teams around human intensive processes such as CPM, HR & Sales Compensation and Document Disclosure.

More recently we discovered that little was done for producing and publishing content together in an efficient manner. We created Sturnis 365 to boost productivity in a changing world.

The Management Team

Marco Mattei

Marco is a front person with 25 years of experience in innovation. He has helped design and commercialise the first CPM systems on the market (Hyperion/Oracle, OutlookSoft/SAP) and more recently Tagetik. Marco feels the new needs of the large enterprises when it comes to office automation, collaboration and efficiency in working together.
Marco is COO of Sturnis 365.

Piero Ferreri

Piero is both a software architect and a finance person. For 35 years he helped design and tune the meta-languages used by multiple CPM systems such as Hyperion/Oracle and OutlookSoft/SAP.
Piero is Sturnis 365’ CTO.

Didier Katz

Didier is a customer focused person. He is always the bridge between the product and the user. Being an engineer in charge of customer success in previous ventures he now leads Sturnis 365 in its international expansion.